Tips & DrillsSwing Spine Angle


Okay, if you've got one of these, you can work on a key move, especially for a better player, that's going to make you hit it consistently, make you strike it better, and also hit it further. Sounds too good to be true, right? Watch this. This is a key move of all good players. A lot of amateurs tend to do this, they get their spine in position, you see how I've got a nice, what's called a spine angle here, my spine is this angle at address - correct, it's not up, it's not down, it's in quite a good position and I've got a nice angle in here, okay? What good players do, they maintain that angle. You see how impact here, my spine is still in the same position. What average players do and people who are inconsistent, they lose that spine angle. So this angle here changes, so they go and they raise up through the ball. It's the most common thing that I see. And you can imagine, as soon as I'm raising my body up, I'm going to raise the club up, and I'm going to hit it inconsistently, I'm going to have to fight the club and do all sorts of different things in order to hit it straight. 

So a really good move in order for you to keep your swing spine angle, is just to have some little practices away from the ball here, and just put the club...jam it in the ground, and literally turn and open your hip, feeling that your weight really goes on to your left heel. If I do it towards the camera here, you can see how my left leg starts to straighten, or they call it posts, this left leg posts. And you can imagine, if that left leg, if that hip turns and my weight jams on my heel, this leg starts to straighten, that allows this right side room to fire. So all of a sudden I'm keeping my swing spine angle, and I'm allowing that right side to fire, so I won't be raising up through the ball. So in your Rotanet here, you can just practice that move, you don't even need to make a big backswing, you just get in that position at impact here, at address, so there's my feeling, make a little tiny backswing, and get back to there. So you see I've really turned my...I feel it pulling on my hamstring a little bit, pulling on my glutes, a pulling on my IT band a little bit, and, you know, that's the feeling you've got to get through impact. So there's my address position, it has impact, I just make a little backswing, get back to there. You know, such a unique thing to be able to do that in your garden, and you're going to work on the right thing. So when you go to the golf course, you're going to absolutely kill your mates, they're going to wonder what you've been doing.

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