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Video Transcription

Can you see your club at your left eye at the top of your backswing? Do all your friends tell you that your left arm's bending and breaking down? If they do, you need to listen to what I'm going to tell you. In order to keep your left arm straight, you have to create some leverage in your swing, okay? If you don't create leverage with your wrists, your elbow will create leverage for you. You’re using an objective here that propels a ball forward. Any sport like a baseball, tennis that requires you to propel a ball forward, requires some wrist leverage. Golf's no exception. So you've got to make sure in order to keep this left arm straight, you think about hinging your wrists. But one of the major things that I found fixes keeping your left arm straight is to think in terms of what your right arm and right wrist are doing. If I keep my right arm fairly straight and I hinge my wrists against a straight right arm, if I had my left arm too, and look at my left arm, all of the sudden it's in the position.  

So your thought process would be keep my right arm as straight as it can, it will bend, but feel like you're keeping it straight as you can for as long as you can and hinge your wrists against that. And you'll see what happens is that keeps the width in your swing and it keeps your arm swing wider and shorter. So instead of hitting kind of like that which is going to lead to a lot of inconsistencies, you're hitting a little more right arm straight and hinge it, will keep my left arm straight. So you can see, it looks more powerful, looks simpler, it's going to be more repetitive, and there's no change of radius of your golf swing. You change the radius of your swing, you're going to be very inconsistent.

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