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Video Transcription

I see so many flawed putting grips, people grip the putter just like they do in their full swing. Remember in your full swing, you have your hands connected, and your hands across the grip, so you can use your wrists. You don't want to use your wrists in your putting stroke, you want to keep your wrists really firm. So you have to have a grip that immobilises your wrists.  

 So make sure you hold the putter in the lifeline of both hands. So this little kind of cleft in my hand here, the lifeline up there, the lifeline up there, I've got to get the putter situated in there. So a really good exercise to do is just to hold it like you're praying. Get the putter kind of up in both lifelines, and then put your hands on. And you see how my hands they're kind of spread underneath the grip, not on the top of the grip. As a result of that, my left wrist is quite arched, and my forearms are pinched into my body, almost like a volleyball player. That really immobilises my wrists and connects my arms to my body.  

 If you want to make more putts, first of all, you need a fantastic green with a true roll surface like we've got here. But secondly, you need a really good putting grip.

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