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Club Grip - Video transcription

One of the major issues in golf that I see, especially from amateur players, is a flawed grip. If you get a wear mark on your glove here, in the palm of your hand, you got problems. It really starts the tone and sets the tone for a lot of compensations in your swing if your grip is out of position. So let me go through how your grip should be, just to refresh your memory. You need to work on this, all the tour players I worked with over the years have worked on their grips, a lot of amateurs don't. 

So, you make sure you get it in the left hand in your fingers, not in your palm. If you get it in your palm, you immobilize your wrist. You've got to get it down in the fingers. If you get it in the fingers, all of the sudden you allow your wrist to start to articulate, and that helps you set the club on playing, unload some speed and power in the club. So you start to create some whoosh, you hear that? You've got to get that whoosh. So you can only get that if you hold it down in the fingers, that will allow your wrist to articulate. My thumb goes slightly down the right half of the shaft, and my thumb and my hand are connected together here, they're not spread apart, they're connected together. 

Great little drill you can do, if you want to check if your grip's in position or not, is take all of your fingers off apart from the lower finger, and you should be able to support the club. My heel pad and my finger are supporting the club, I know the club is nicely down in my fingers. And the other hand has to fit on, again, down in the fingers here but not has much as the left hand. So we're going to interlock the little fingers together here, however you do, that's fine. Some people do a little baseball, some ride it on top in the Vardon, and some interlock, just whatever you kind of feel most comfortable with for now. But you’ve got to make sure that right hand sits in position. 

So here's a good exercise for your right hand. Put your left hand out to the side, and get your right hand to come underneath the grip here. When that right hand's underneath the grip, you can see how now the thumb fits in the lifeline of the right hand and then the thumb of the right hand goes across the grip a little bit. It does not go down the grip, that's another massive flaw that I see. The right hand thumb goes down the grip. You do that, your right hand's in control, you're not going to be able to get the club to create any whoosh and any speed because your right hand's blocking it. So get that right thumb across, get that right finger away, and really get these Vs, as a result, pointing in the right position. Your left hand V should be to your right here. Your right hand V should be towards your ear and your shoulder. You get that grip better in combined with a nice square clubface, you're going to start to be able to control the club much better, you have to improve your golf shots.

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