Tips & DrillsClock Face Putting

Video Transcription

So I'm just going to hit a few putts here from three or four feet. It's a crucial range that a lot of people miss. I'm just going to work around the clock. It doesn't matter if I miss a couple. I'm just going to focus on just making a solid stroke. And know that if I make a good stroke, this green is so good that this ball is bound to go in. It's not going to be the green's fault, it'll be my fault if anything.  

Doing really well here, and this is a good little pressure drill as well. As you get towards the end here, if you set yourself a goal of trying to hole them all, by the time you get to the end you start kind of feeling a little bit of pressure. So it simulates playing on the golf course. I haven't got that pressure now because I just missed that one. So now I'll try and continue and just finish them off as best I can. 

And just try and keep a record. It's a good way of having a daily record of your 4 footers. You can do it from 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet. And just make as many as possible. If you make all of them, you know you're having a good day. So I've missed a couple, so I need to work on these a little bit. Like I say, these greens are so pure, they let you know if your stroke is good or bad, that is for sure. 

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