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Chipping Putting Style - Video transcription

If you can putt, you can definitely chip. Here's a little of what I call a 999 emergency chip. If you are really struggling and you feel you're going to hit it fat or thin every time you get over a chip, try this. It's so simple. Just set up with your wedge, like it's a putter, so you're going to be very close to the ball because obviously, the putter is more upright. So, your wedge, the heel will come off the ground and you'll position the ball on the toe of the club there. That's a dead area. There's no bounce, very little kind of spring off that area, it's a really good area to hit a ball from.  

So, we are going to get really close to it. Imagine it's my putter. You see I'm holding it in almost a putting grip. Now I'm going to make two allowances for the fact it's got a bit of loft on it. I'm going to move the ball back towards my right foot, and I'm going to move my weight towards my left foot that creates an angle of attack. It creates a descending blow for me. 

So, set up like a putter, get really close to it, get the ball off the toe of the club, then ball back, weight left, and just do my putting stroke and every time that ball will lift off the ground you can get quite aggressive with it. It's a shot that tour players use for very delicate run away shots here. It's a shot you can use on these very quick Huxley greens if you get them up to 11 or 12 where they're capable of. You get that shot in your bag, it's a great go-to shot for those uncomfortable positions.

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