Tips & DrillsChipping One Arm Practice


Do you see the reaction on that ball? Now I haven't gone crazy, one arm only drills are a really good drill to get everything in sync. You know, we don't want to get, especially on a short shot, we don't want to get all the components out of sync because you don't have the dynamics and the movement of a full swing to get it back into position. So you're going to make sure that you get all your components harmonised. So doing it with one hand is a really good way of doing that. Nick Price used to do this a lot, one of the greatest ball strikers I've seen. And all you have got to do is just pinch your arm against you, put your gloved hand...really hold your arm against you here, and just really hold your arm and allow your body to move here, allow your body to turn back and turn through, and you can see, on the way through, I really make sure that I turn my right side, I turn my right knee there, and really...didn't mean to do that, even the best have little errors there, you see that? So you turn through here. So you turn your knees on the way back, turn your knees on the way through, and your right arm has not changed its position from where it's started. 

 Hit a few like that, you'll start to get really confident, you'll realize you don't have to help the ball up, then put two hands on it and just get the same feeling of that right arm really staying in sync with where it originally started. You do that, I'll tell you, you will be so consistent, you'll hit crisp chips and you'll see how that ball can spin on these superb Huxley Golf greens.

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