Tips & DrillsChipping Descending Blow

Video Transcription

Do you have many of those miss hits where you thin it or you feel like you're going to thin it or you're going to hit the ground behind it? It's because the club is going low to high. You're trying to help the ball in the air. The ball is not going to react correctly on this Huxley green. What you need to do is create a downward hit on to the ball. You've got to try and feel like you get the front edge of the club to really dig into the ground, to squeeze the ball into the turf. A really good exercise you can do is just get one of your other clubs, just lay it about a grip length behind the ball that you're hitting and really get the feeling of just rocking your shoulders and hinge in the club up so the club goes high to low, high to low, so you're not going drag it away and brush that club. You're just literally going to go rock my shoulders and hinge the club high to low. And you see how you start to hit a descending blow on the ball. Just put the club about a grip's length behind it, you won't miss hit it again. 

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