Tips & DrillsChipping Body Shot

Video Transcription

Here's an oldie, but a goodie. This will get your chipping really sorted out. One of the major problems with poor chipping is the hands and arms kind of work on their own. So if I put this towel under my arms, if I work my hands and arms, you see how the towel drops out. If you get your hands and arms very independent of your body, you can create a mixed bag of shots, like that thin shot. What controls a chip is your body. Your arms hang on for the ride and your wrists create the feel. Okay?  So, I'm going to put this under my arms, I'm going to pinch my triceps against this towel and against my pec, I'm going to get very close to the ball, and I'm going to get the feeling of really holding this towel in, and just letting my stomach and my knees move. As my stomach and knees move, and my arms will just hang on for the ride. You see, on the way through here, I've really forced my belt to turn through to the target. That's a real big hot tip there. If you get this belt to turn through to the target, you see how the hands go a little left through the hit, as well. That really gets the front edge to dig in, gets it to pinch the ball off the turf, and you can see how I finish quite around in relation to where the ball's gone. That's a real thing that a lot of very good chippers do. So make sure you kind of use a little turn of your belt on the way back, and a little turn of your belt on the way through, and really pinch your arms against you. It's going to really solid your chips up, and you'll start to see how good these greens react when your start spinning it more.

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