Tips & DrillsChipping Banking Shot

Video Transcription

Okay, a tough little shot here. I've got a little bit of fringe, little bit of rough ground, downhill pin, pin's pretty tight. You know, if I play a normal chip, it's kind of a touch-and-go if I'm going to hit a good one or not.  I'm going to play a little of what I call a banking shot from here, where I can guarantee getting it pretty close and guarantee not mis-hitting the ball. It's a very simple shot. All you're going to do is pretend you're putting it, and just alter your set-up slightly to create a downward hit on the ball.  So I imagine I've got my putter in my hand. I've really raised the shaft up so the heel's off the ground here. Toe's really in the air. I'm going to hit the ball off the toe. It's a dead area of the club, so the ball doesn't get away from me. I'm nice and close to it, and the two little adjustments I'm going to make are I'm going to move my weight forward, I'm going to move the ball back slightly, and then I'm just going to make my putting stroke. No wrist, really, just with my shoulders. You know, and it really makes a very difficult shot really simple.

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