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Stance and Posture - Video transcription

When you're using your Huxley Rotanet, you might as well be doing the right things in there. It's a great opportunity to be able to work on your game in private. You don't know where the ball's going so you can really focus on what's going on with your mechanics and your technique. You've got to make sure that you're stood correctly to a golf shot. Obviously, the grip's crucial, we've talked about that, you've got to get your posture in position as well. So many flawed postures create flawed golf swings. If you've been told to sit back on a barstool, that's poor advice.  

That gets your body out of position, gets your weight on your heels too much, will not let your body move properly. Conversely, you get too much on your toes with your legs too straight. Again, you're anatomically predisposed to not be able to move properly. You've got to get in an athletic position. A great picture would be, you imagine a goalkeeper saving a penalty. That's kind of similar to a golf posture. It's kind of athletic, he's ready to move, he's got some movement in his feet, he's not totally planted, his legs are bent but they're not overly bent, his quads are not overly engaged and then just get a little bit of tilt in your tailbone, just lift that up a little bit, bring your chest down a little bit and just let your arms hang.  

You can work on your posture without a golf club. So, imagine you're saving a penalty, move your feet around and just bring your chest down, let your arms hang, lift your tailbone up a little bit and you can see my mid back is straight, my upper back is not. Do not try and get your whole back dead straight. Your shoulders are this way because your arms are in front of you so your upper spine has to have a slight curve to it. If you try and counteract that by keeping your body dead straight, you just create too much tension and you can't move. Let's just see where your weight should be as well here. So, your weight should be nicely on the balls of your feet.  

You don't want to get too much on your heels, or too much on your toes. Another good exercise to do is just to get in position and then rock onto your heels so your toes lift up, rock onto your toes so your heels lift up and settle in between. Then you know your body is in a pretty good shape. Lastly little checkpoint, the tricep, the knee and the foot should all line up in that nice balanced position. So if I can get a good grip and get in this posture every time, I'm going to create a better golf swing and hit better shots.

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