Tips & DrillsGolf Putting Stroke Length Tips

Video Transcription

One of the biggest causes of poor putting is having a putting stroke that is not symmetrical. This putter is designed to go the same distance back as it is through. We interfere with that. People get told a real common myth that I see is push through to the target. That is total rubbish. If you push through to the target, your follow through is no longer than your backswing. And that is going to have a major influence on your rhythm. 

Try this exercise with three balls here. The middle ball is the one you're going to hit. Just take that out of the way for a second. But you're going to put one ball just outside your left toe. Put the other ball kind of just outside your right toe. And just have a little practice swing. Start with your putter in between the two. Go to the right ball and the left ball, right ball, left ball. Then add the third ball. That's the ball you're going to hit. And you just go right ball, left ball. 

You see how my follow through has a point where it stops? So, it matches the backswing. You have to make your follow through the same length as your backswing to improve your rhythm, to get continuity in the stroke, and to roll the ball correctly. Do that, and your distance control will improve off the charts.

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