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Hi, I'm Jonathan Yarwood, PGA Master Professional and tour coach.  

Huxley is synonymous with industry-leading putting surfaces and hitting surfaces for golf. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is industry-leading. The replication of real putting surfaces with little maintenance is the best in the industry. They've been endorsed by many major champions at their own personal homes, many British Open venues, Ryder Cup venues. They're the official supplier to the PGA and to all the major home golf unions, including the Welsh, the Scottish, and the English at the English headquarters at Woodhall Spa. 

We've put together some short videos so you can look at all the different products on offer from Huxley Golf.

Let's have a closer look at the Huxley all-weather putting green. You can see how densely populated all the blades are. There's a lot of continuity to their shape. They really create a really true surface that this ball will roll on. It looks very much like a championship green to me. It's got the Huxley Turfill in there and you can make it slower or quicker by brushing it or rolling it. You know, you really have got a championship green in your back garden. 

What's the true ball roll? I'm going to hit this little putt here. It really does roll like a championship green. You can see how pure that ball rolled, it really hugged the surface. Just like some of the great golf courses that I've been to around the world in my career, it really did roll very nicely. Remember, you can get these greens installed at your house. You can get different undulations to simulate different conditions. It doesn't have to all be a flat putt. You work on those slopey, difficult putts. And you could also get a really nice fringe addition here so you can hit some chips on to this green. If you've got the luxury of having your daily practice on something of this quality, you really are going to have an excellent short game. 

So this is the Huxley Golf green. A really high quality green that receives full shots, there's no pitch marks, it's very low maintenance. You can see, it's very undulating. I've hit a lot of shots in here. I'll tell you, this ball reacts just like a real green. It's one of the most consistent surfaces I've ever pitched to. And I'll say, from a maintenance point of view, there's nothing to do. Do you imagine if you hit 50 pitches into a normal green, it'd be peppered with holes. There's no holes on here at all. You can hardly even tell I've been here. You know, it really is an extraordinary thing. This green will accept various pin locations. It's got the true roll properties of all the other Huxley products. Whether you want a small green in your back garden with one tee or multiple tees to the same green or even a little golf course, this is the ideal surface to really make it play like a live green for it to look great all-year round and be extremely playable and low maintenance. 

The guys at Huxley can build one of these to your specifications and needs at the exact location that you need it.  

A great addition to any commercial operation is the Huxley Target green. You can see, very well-constructed, it looks beautiful and really stops that high traffic, high volume peppering, which destroys green. And really, it is very little maintenance on this thing. It receives all types of shots, the ball stops favourably. You can add some sand if you want to stop it a little bit more. But from a distance, it always looks good, receives a ball really well and really stops a lot of the major issues you have with high traffic areas. Get one of these target greens. It can only enhance your facility. 

To give you an idea of how forward-thinking and progressive the Huxley Group are, they've created a nylon tee turf that's just to hit irons from, where you can compress the ball, all the little shots where you want to really got the front edge digging in. Those little kind of pitches and nine irons and eight irons, all the way through to your five and six iron if you need to. But it's designed just for you to hit irons from. And you know when you hit shots and you're trying to compress that ball, and it's been raining and you get a face full of water, it doesn't happen with this because this drains perfectly. It's got very limited in-fill as well, and it really simulates that really tight turf feel that is so nice to hit irons from. It's just fantastic stuff. 

Let's take a closer look at the Huxley New Generation Tee Turf. This turf features some of the best golf courses throughout the UK, including Gleneagles, Saint Andrews, Stoke Park. It really is state of the art, densely fibered, requires no in-fill, a lot of the competition has to put sand in there so it will receive a tee peg. This is really densely fibered, fantastic to hit from, and really low maintenance. It'll even take the new long tee. 

Another great addition to the range, the Huxley All-Weather Pathway. It's quiet, it's comfortable, it's aesthetically very pleasing, covers up those high traffic areas. Like everything else, it's fantastic.  

No, it's not for your washing. This is a golf net. Watch this. 

There, we have one portable golf net. It takes up no room in your garden whatsoever. It stores after your practice. What could be better than that? 

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