Private Golf Green in West Byfleet

The Huxley Golf Team have just completed another Golf Green at a private house in West Byfleet. One hundred tonnes of base materials were carefully shaped to form a beautiful green with three hole locations offering a variety of challenged to the golfer.

Huxley Turfill was used to give the green its realistic, receptive qualities, allowing shots to be played from up to 70 yards from two fixed tees using Huxley Premier Nylon Tee Turf. Given the space this type of green will hold full shots played with short irons.

Huxley Golf Premier Leisure Turf offers the perfect solution for users looking for a fringe to further compliment their golf or putting green. This can also create approach areas and run offs leading to the surround natural grass.

The Huxley Golf Green finally provides the customer with an exceptional chipping and putting surface, giving an accurate simulation of putting on a natural green. However, it comes with minimal maintenance and is very durable. The ideal all-weather solution for private users, practice areas and golf courses.

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So far I have holed out to the back flag on top of the ridge from each of the mats, including the portable one which was on the patio outside the kitchen. The laser said it was 67 yards, so was quite pleased with that one. There is a really small landing area to get close there. The green looks great, and the yellow flag is reminiscent of Augusta. The contours are very interesting, and quite similar to those at my club West Hill, which is helpful. I'm happy with the feel and pace of the green too. When the lawn on the area around the green matures it will be even better as I'll be able to play the little chips a bit more. Regarding service, again very happy. I really appreciated Paul taking time on a Saturday to see me initially, and Paul Huxley and his wife for allowing me to test their green out first, plus their generous hospitality afterwards
ES, West Byfleet
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